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Breast Lift

Improving the appearance of your breasts isn't just about increasing volume. Many women also feel frustrated by the gradual drooping or sagging of their breasts that occurs over time, after weight loss, or due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. That's not to say breast augmentation can't achieve attractive results for most of these women; however, another option some women consider is a breast lift. Illinois breast enhancement specialist Dr. Jose Rios will develop a surgical plant specifically for their unique needs.

Dr. Rios provides one-on-one care for patients who visit him for breast lift from the Greater Chicago area. He will explain breast lift, breast augmentation and the difference between these procedures during at least 2 consultations, so you can make an informed decision. Request a consultation or call him at 815-744-8554 to get started.


See the beautiful results Dr. Rios achieved for just a few of his many satisfied patients.

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Dr. Rios

Meet Dr. Rios

A board-certified plastic surgeon using advanced breast surgery techniques, Dr. Rios will care for you.

Meet Dr. Rios

Understanding Breast Lifts

Dr. Rios believes patients should go into any procedure with all the information available to them. He will answer any questions you have, building a relationship based on honesty and trust, ensuring you are comfortable and confident. You'll get all the details during your consultations with Dr. Rios, but here are a few key facts about the breast lift procedure:

  • During the procedure, breast tissue is lifted and reshaped, the nipple and areola are repositioned, enlarged areolas are reduced, and excess skin is removed.
  • There are several different incision patterns that can be used during a breast lift. Generally, these incisions may be made around the areola, vertically down from the areola to the breast crease, and/or along the breast crease. Although some are well-hidden in the natural breast crease, some of these incision lines are visible, but they become less noticeable over time.
  • After the procedure, you may experience some temporary swelling, discomfort, and bruising. You can keep these to a minimum by wearing a special support bra that will also promote healing.

Choosing a Breast Lift

If you're thinking about getting a breast lift, talk to Dr. Rios. You may be surprised to discover that breast augmentation (in addition to or instead of a lift procedure) can actually rejuvenate the appearance of your breasts the way you want. In some instances, Dr. Rios may recommend a 2-part procedure: first, a breast lift and second, a breast augmentation. However, there are some women who are already happy with their breast size, but want to eliminate sagging or drooping – for these women, a breast lift alone may be the best approach.

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