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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

The women in and around Chicago, Illinois, who choose to have breast augmentation surgery don't have to wait through a long recovery period before enjoying their results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rios uses techniques that give his patients beautiful results with minimal downtime. He has performed several hundred rapid recovery breast augmentation procedures since 2003, so he understands what is required for success.

To learn more about Dr. Rios' unique rapid recovery technique, request a consultation or call his office at 815-744-8554 and let him walk you through the procedure, recovery, and what results you can expect.

Before and After


This 28-year-old woman came to Dr. Rios for breast augmentation. He enhanced her breast shape and size with silicone breast implants.


Dr. Rios performed breast augmentation for this 26-year-old woman. He placed high-profile saline implants under the chest muscle. During recovery, the patient experienced very little discomfort even without a pain pump.


See the beautiful results Dr. Rios achieved for just a few of his many satisfied patients.

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Dr. Rios

Meet Dr. Rios

A board-certified plastic surgeon using advanced breast surgery techniques, Dr. Rios will care for you.

Meet Dr. Rios

A Positive Patient Mindset

The first step toward a rapid recovery is establishing a positive mindset. Dr. Rios provides a supportive, encouraging atmosphere where women can feel relaxed and confident about having their procedures. By providing information, before-and-after photos, and an open dialogue, Dr. Rios helps his breast augmentation patients from Naperville and suburban Chicago anticipate their results with realistic expectations. This positive mindset is a subtle yet essential element of his technique.

Specialized Surgical Technique

The most important part of Dr. Rios' rapid recovery procedure is his specialized surgical technique. He believes some of the elements that make rapid recovery possible include:

  • General anesthesia
  • Immobilizing the patient during the procedure to prevent unnecessary trauma.
  • Creating the pocket for the breast implant under direct vision for reduced injury to the ribs and surrounding tissues.

After surgery, patients typically experience moderate swelling and little bruising, if any.

Unconventional Aftercare

Instead of the typical aftercare recommended for traditional breast augmentation surgery, Dr Rios' rapid recovery aftercare consists of:

  • No narcotics. Patients manage discomfort with TYLENOL® and/or Motrin®, which allows for a quicker return to mobility and speeds the healing process.
  • No drains.
  • No special support bras, binding, or wrapping.
  • No implant massage.

Instead, patients are encouraged to raise their arms overhead and perform gentle postoperative exercises to reduce stiffness and promote faster healing.

How 'Rapid' Is Recovery?

Using these steps, most women who have Dr. Rios perform their breast augmentation procedure find they can go out to dinner the night of the surgery. They also are usually able to return to their daily routine (minus any strenuous exercise) in just a day or 2.

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