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Meet Dr. Rios

When you're considering breast surgery, you need the expertise and skill of a board-certified plastic surgeon. In the Chicago area, Dr. Rios stands out because of his impressive credentials and experience using state-of-the-art techniques. He is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, and he has co-authored multiple articles about plastic surgery in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Rios is known for his rapid-recovery approach to breast surgery that reduces downtime to 2 days because it is gentler on the body. His consistently outstanding results make him the preferred plastic surgeon for women considering breast augmentation.

If you're looking for a knowledgeable and honest cosmetic surgeon in the Chicago area, Dr. Rios may be the one for you. To learn how he can help you achieve your cosmetic goals, request a consultation online or call his office at 815-744-8554.

The best thing about being a surgeon is …

… being able to give people something they couldn't get otherwise. I'm basically a highly trained, invasive, extension of your hairdresser. People dye their hair to look good, because how we look affects how we feel. I like being able to change people and see the psychological effects. I like to watch my patients' confidence improve.

My patients describe me as …

… down to earth. I'm just another guy who happens to have a certain skill set. I don't like the whole concept of, "I'm the doctor; you're the patient." It's too stuffy, and it makes people feel uncomfortable. I like being able to relate to my patients.

My approach to breast augmentation is unique because …

… there's no after-care. No drains. No tubes. No pumps. My rapid recovery technique makes healing quicker than normal. I also give my patients honest guidance and information. There's no hocus-pocus. If I don't think someone is right for breast augmentation, I'll tell them.

If I weren't a surgeon, I'd be …

… a mechanic – or a race car driver. I love cars. My personal hobby is car work. I build cars here at the house. I guess I like the surgical component of it; I like taking things apart and putting them back together.

The secret to great results is …

… not being overly confident. Once you become too comfortable with your skills, it's easy to relax and become careless. I remind myself before every procedure to keep my head down, stay focused and be attentive.

When I'm not in the operating room, I'm …

… at the clinic, or picking up my kids from school. I have soccer games and snack duty. I go on dates with my wife. I'm just a regular guy.

The best compliment I ever received was …

… having patients tell me I've changed their lives. That kind of feedback changes you a little. I realize that the surgery has had a positive effect on their lives, and that makes me feel incredibly good.

Self-confidence comes from …

… It's different for everyone. For me, I think it comes from achievement – particularly when I'm faced with a challenge that I'm able to overcome. I think that's when I grow and realize I'm making a difference.

Learn more about why patients choose Dr. Rios and what helps him stand out among his peers.

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